Free Online Meditation and Writing Session

Join NADIA COLBURN for two FREE online meditation and writing sessions.

It can be so hard especially for writers to find good supported writing sessions and to stay stable in our to-fast world.

These sessions are designed to help us come back to center and reconnect with ourselves so that we can be the change we want to see in the world. They are for everyone, professional writers and newbies alike–anyone who wants to take an hour (or less) to come back to yourself and to have some supported meditation and writing time.

It’s amazing how a bit of meditation and then writing can help us come into greater clarity–on almost every level.

Come with your own project or be supported by the prompts

On Friday, after short meditations, I’ll be leading prompts that help us work with our stories. We can’t over-jump our own shadows; only by looking clearly at ourselves can we access our full creativity, peace and strength.

On Tuesday, I’ll be leading a session on writing joy, one of the trickiest but also most rewarding emotions to work with.

Come for part or all of the sessions, and if you can’t make the sessions live, I’ll send out a recording to those who sign up.

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Price: Free 

Embrace and Let Go: Yoga and Your Story with Nadia Colburn PhD

Yoga classes often tell us to drop our story, but we can only successfully drop the parts of our story that are not serving us if we first learn to listen to ourselves. We can use yoga class to tune into what is happening in our bodies and the messages that are coming up so that we can listen more attentively, release emotional and physical blocks, clear out what is no longer needed, and find new pathways and stories for healing and growth. The workshop will incorporate hatha and kundalini yoga, slow and faster movements, core strengthening exercises, meditation, writing prompts and deep relaxation. Studies have shown the positive health benefits of writing from emotional experiences; writing helps clear emotional blocks and has been proven to improve the immune system and reduce visits to the doctor; these benefits are amplified when we allow the mind and body to enter into dialogue and learn from one another. Come ready to move, sweat, laugh, maybe cry, meditate, relax deeply, listen to poetry and write. Designed for writers and non-writers alike and for yogis of all levels, the workshop will offer nourishing practices and practical tools that you can take home with you. Register online.


About Nadia

Nadia Colburn, PhD, RYT 200 brings together writing, yoga and meditation in workshops around New England, in her online class, Align Your Story, and in private coaching. Nadia’s own poetry and prose have been published in over sixty publications including The New Yorker, The Boston Globe Magazine, The Kenyon Review, American Poetry Review,, and Yes! Magazine. She holds a PhD from Columbia and a BA from Harvard, is a kundalini trained yoga teacher, a serious student of Thich Nhat Hanh, and a mother of two. Her classes are at once rigorous and gentle, inviting deep listening to the body and opening up to new perspectives and possibilities. For free meditations and writing exercises, and to learn more, visit