Freedom’s Ring, A Boston-set Novel by HEIDI CHIAVAROLI

Trident Booksellers host author HEIDI CHIAVAROLI as she takes her audience back in time to discover what really happened the night of the Boston Massacre. She will read passages from her debut novel, Freedom’s Ring, answer questions, and sign books.

From the Boston Marathon bombing to the American Revolution and the Boston Massacre, past and present intertwine to create an unexpected destiny.  Although two years have passed since the Boston Marathon bombing, Annie David continues to be haunted by the call to be Boston Strong.  She knows the truth: she is far from strong.  She cannot seem to release two burdens left to her that tragic day—guilt over a crippled niece, and an old ring that evokes a hazy hero’s face.  But when she finds a business card with the same emblem as the ring, she’s finally able to discover her hero…and the story of the woman behind the ring.

This event is free and open to the public.

Freedom’s Ring is currently being sold at Trident Booksellers.  You can purchase a copy in-store or online here.