From Perpetual Indians to Perpetual Foreigners, a Discussion of Latina/o Migrant Identities at the Boston Public Library

DAVID HERNANDEZ addresses the racial treatment of Latina/o immigrants and communities through the lens of immigration enforcement politics from 1790 to today.

David Hernández is assistant professor of Latina/o studies at Mount Holyoke College. His research focuses on immigration enforcement, in particular the US detention regime. He is completing a book on this institution entitled Alien Incarcerations: Immigrant Detention and Lesser Citizenship for the University of California Press. He is also the coeditor of Critical Ethnic Studies: A Reader, published by Duke University Press in 2016. His work has also appeared in journals such as Border-Lines, Harvard’s Journal of Hispanic Policy, Journal of Race and Policy, Latina/o Studies, and NACLA: Report on the Americas.

This program is sponsored by the Boston Public Library’s Baxter Fund, promoting programs that will advance the commemorative and public understanding of the history of the settlement of and immigration to New England.