NYC Cooking Demo with Food/Travel Journalist TRACEY CEURVELS

Trident Booksellers is pleased to host food/travel journalist TRACEY CEURVELS with a demonstration of her book The NYC Kitchen Cookbook.  

Inspired by the local shops in her New York neighborhood, CEURVELS began cooking with exotic ingredients and writing about her experiments on her trendsetting blog, “The NYC Kitchen,” in 2010. Since then Tracey has tested hundreds of beautiful recipes, and shared the warmth of her friendly home kitchen with each reader.

In The NYC Kitchen Cookbook, Tracey shares her tasty adventures with foodie fans nationwide and explains how to use the flavorful ingredients found in NYC to make simple yet sensational meals for any occasion.  Families can especially enjoy her dedication to cooking with her young daughter (featured prominently on her website and in photos in the cookbook), and the warm bond they share over their culinary creations.

This event is free and open to the public.

The NYC Kitchen Cookbook is being sold at Trident Booksellers.  You can purchase a copy in-store or online here.