Author/environmentalist BILL McKIBBEN at Harvard Book Store

Harvard Book Store welcomes celebrated author and environmentalist BILL McKIBBEN—founder of, the first planet-wide, grassroots climate change movement—for a discussion of his debut novel, Radio Free Vermont: A Fable of Resistance. This event is co-sponsored by 350 Mass.

Tickets: $5 for only entrance into the event itself; $23.75 for the book & entrance into the event. Tickets are to be purchased online. Doors close at 5:30PM.


In Radio Free Vermont, BILL McKIBBEN entertains and expands upon an idea that’s become more popular than ever—seceding from the United States. Along with Vern and Perry, McKIBBEN imagines an eccentric group of activists who carry out their own version of guerilla warfare, which includes dismissing local middle school children early in honor of ‘Ethan Allen Day’ and hijacking a Coors Light truck and replacing the stock with local brew. Witty, biting, and terrifyingly timely, Radio Free Vermont is BILL McKIBBEN’s fictional response to the burgeoning resistance movement.