BILLY BRAGG talks “Roots, Radicals and Rockers” at Brookline Brooksmith

In his latest book, the musician, left-wing activist, and sonic archivist BILLY BRAGG has crafted a remarkable history of skiffle, a particularly British music genre.  Initiated by amateur players of the blues, jazz, and folk, skiffle lured teenagers obsessed with all things American and eager to dance away post-WWII conformity and deprivation.  With a DIY ethos and three-chord tunes, skiffle inspired a generation of British lads to pick up guitars, including Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, and a young extraterrestrial who would later take the name “David Bowie.”  Roughly a cross between folk and R&B, skiffle quickly succumbed to the other two genres and faded from the charts, even as its former disciples led the British Invasion.

Please note this is a book talk only– Billy will not be performing.