Tell-All Boston with Calvin Hennick at Porter Square Books

Tell-All Six, with special guest Calvin Hennick, author of the forthcoming memoir “Once More to the Rodeo,” at our new event location, Porter Square Books in Cambridge.

Tell-All Boston is Real Stories Read Live. We are Boston’s only live-on-stage literary reading series dedicated to the art and craft of memoir. Award-winning writers, best-selling authors, and emerging stars share first-person stories that make meaning from lived experience. Our goal is to foster a community of honesty and discovery, through the power of memoir.

Calvin will be signing copies of his memoir following the program. Additional featured readers to be announced on our website,

Tell-All Boston is brought to you by GrubStreet and curated by alumni of GrubStreet’s Memoir Incubator and Essay Incubator.

Tell-All Boston, Fifth Edition at Middlesex Lounge

The Fifth Edition of Tell-All Boston takes place Nov. 7 at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. Special guest William Dameron, author of “The Lie: A Memoir of Two Marriages, Catfishing & Coming Out.” Doors open 7pm; show begins 7:30pm. Featured readers to be announced. Tell-All is a literary performance series celebrating creative nonfiction and personal essay brought to you by GrubStreet and the alumni of the Memoir and Essay Incubators. For more information visit


Story Club Boston

Story Club Boston, a storytelling/reading series, presents our next show with the theme: Brand Spanking New. Come hear great, sometimes hilarious storytellers tell first-person, true tales on the theme from: Nate Shu, Liz Estey, Nick Martucci, and Kim Koontz. And bring your own 5-minute true tale on the theme “Brand Spanking New” for our open mic. Stories can be told from memory or from the page. You could win a special prize!

Story Club Boston

Story Club Boston is a monthly storytelling/reading series presenting featured storytellers and an open mic where audience members have five minutes to tell their own tru, first-person story based on that month’s theme. Unlike most other storytellng shows, stories at SCB can be told both from memory OR from the page.

Story Club Boston in Jamaica Plain

Story Club Boston is a storytelling/reading event where featured guests tell first-person, true stories either from memory or from the page. In addition, audience members can have the opportunity to tell their own story in our 5-minute open mic portion. This month’s theme: School. Stories about what you’ve learned, whether inside or outside that brick building.

Story Club Boston

Story Club Boston is a storytelling/reading series the presents featured storytellers telling 10-minute stories on the theme of the month. In addition, SCB also presents audience members with the opportunity to tell their own 7-minute story on the theme as well. Unlike other storytelling shows, SBC permits stories told from memory as well as from the page. This month’s theme: Young and Old.

True Lies and False Facts: A Questionable Tour of Boston

Join Boston By Foot for a unique walking tour of Boston that keeps participants on their toes. Called True Lies & False Facts, this questionable tour starts at the Boylston T Stop and winds its way around Chinatown and the Theater District. Lasting just over an hour, the tour will tell some wild and amazing stories about local characters and unlikely events – some of which are true and others are not. Developed as a fun way to celebrate April Fools Day, the tour is meant to test participants’ knowledge of history and ability to separate the truth from fiction. After the tour, participants are invited to come to Explorateur to grab a drink at a cash bar, enjoy some snacks, and get the real skinny on if what they heard was fact or fiction. Boston By Foot has some nice prizes for those who guess best.

Meet your guide at the corner of Boylston and Tremont Streets, outside the inbound entrance to the Boylston Street MBTA Station on the Green Line.

Tour lasts 90 minutes; plan to stay at the restaurant for another thirty minutes to learn the answers.




GrownUp StoryTime: A January To Remember

It may be cold outside but there is a heartwarming community of storytellers getting ready for the next show. Join Boston’s GrownUp StoryTime at Aeronaut Brewing Company 7pm on Wednesday January 24th.

Here’s the deal: GrownUp Storytime is an hour of funny, heartwarming, crazy, amazing stories read aloud. Created by the original BooTown in Houston and now in Boston.

Remember storytime before bedtime? Well this is just like that only replace a loved one with a weird stranger, warm milk with craft brews and your bedroom with Aeronaut’s tap room. The best part is that you don’t have to go to sleep afterward – cause we’re all grown-up now!

They take short short (fact, fiction, and everything in between) stories written by the community, hand them to local performers, and hilarity and/or poignant storytelling ensues. Come enjoy a beer and listen to some great stories!

Interested in writing? Check out their call for writers:

Want to read? Email them at

GUST thinks supporting local artist’s is important and so is accessibiility to the arts which is why the event is FREE but they ask for a $5 donation per person.