Architect ROSALYN ELDER Explores the Historical Legacy of Massachusetts

Join Porter Square Books with nonfiction author ROSALYN ELDER to explore the history of 742 sites in 141 towns across Massachusetts in Exploring the Legacy.

ROSALYN D. ELDER is a registered architect and entrepreneur with a passion for the arts, architecture and cities, and history. ELDER founded and operated Treasured Legacy, an African American cultural boutique from 1992 to 1998 at Copley Place in Boston’s South End.  She co-founded and operated Jamaicaway Books, a multi-cultural bookstore, in Jamaica Plain, MA.

In Exploring the Legacy, visit sites around the state that contain the histories of individuals such as: Onesimus, whose knowledge led to the development of inoculations to fight small pox in 1721; Belinda Royall, who filed the first successful reparations lawsuit in 1783; and Jan Matzeliger’s invention of a shoe lasting machine in 1883 which led to the mass production of shoes.

This event is not ticketed.